We Service 

Let Stallion Recycling Save you Money!

     - Curbside service 

     - Totter Barrel Service 

     - Dumpster Service 

             2-10 Yard Dumpster 

     - Live Load with Labor 

             For Garbage Removal

             For Recycling Removal

             For Demolition Removal

             For Compost Food Removal 

      - Next Day Service 

      - Weekend Service




Type of Services

Your business need a service that fulfill your needs!

- Restaurants 

- Apartment Buildings 

- Condominiums 

- Retail Stores 

- Chain Shores 

- Bakeries 

- Schools

- Office Buildings 

​- Municipal Service 

Let STALLION worry about your trash while you worry about your business!

We clean up after every trash & Recycling service, and we deoderize our dumpsters every other month!

We Provide